Introducing a decentralized social media platform.

Dabble is a platform where you can create and compensate for the value of your "creation" in your posts, and make a large number of winners through efficient advertising and profit structures.

Why Dabble?

Why Dabble?

While Facebook and Twitter formed a massive market and share price, no monetary compensation was given to users. In addition, the inactivity of user feeds in ads is also a big problem.

Dabble is a social media platform where creators can get rewards through publishing short articles or emoticons Posts can be published in future books or paper books, and are recorded on the block chain, contributing to copyright protection. Maximize your ad efficiency by applying AI ad specific to login ad box and user orientation.

As a result, Dabble is a platform where many can help each other, Users who write posts, advertising companies that provide ADBOX or AI ads, Big data consumer... Each of them can take the desired result.

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Our team is made up of experts in each field, very flexible and strong teamwork.

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